Eco Friendly

Cold Curve Refrigeration is committed to delivering solutions that are eco-friendly, energy-efficient and very good value for money and which deliver optimized returns on investment. The company has identified a number of diverse paths which it will follow to enhance its offering to its customers. We recognize that progress comes through innovation and we intend to aggressively pursue these new areas to the benefit of the environment, our customers and the industry.

With a strong focus on greener technologies, our clients can look forward to a greener future, with reduced carbon emissions, reduced energy expenses and improved net returns.

Energy Management

In an energy-conscious society, we can support our installations with cutting-edge remote monitoring, variable speed motors, energy-saving heat dissipation and many other systems that identify inefficiencies that can be eradicated, reducing your energy consumption and saving you money.

The use of eco-friendly refrigerants, systems and procedures is paramount to bringing about these savings.