Our People


The business is owned and managed by Mr Derick Bantjes who has 27 years’ experience in refrigeration. He is fully qualified with an official Department of Manpower Trade Test Certificate which he attained in 1988. He is not afraid of testing and embracing new equipment and technologies, often traveling overseas to explore world leaders in new and eco-friendly technologies. He has specialized in the design and installation of supermarket refrigeration plants but is also well known in the industry for his meticulous attention to detail and distinctive hands-on approach. Mr. Bantjes believes that in order to be successful in the commercial refrigeration industry, one needs to be able to deliver good quality plants and components to clients on time and correctly installed, followed by the challenge to effectively maintain the plant in a cost effective way. The entire organisation is strongly influenced by the owner’s sense of pride in his work, vision and experience. Mr Bantjes is recognized in many diverse industries for specialized bespoke plant design and installation.


Mr Bantjes is assisted by his wife Hannelie who runs the administrative and back office component of the company. Sales and Support are managed by a team of specialists including Charl Basson and Leonard Rust who are taxed with managing customer relations but also have key responsibilities managing installations and maintenance respectively.

The company has a serious commitment to personal development of all staff as well as a BEE and skills development programme ensuring constant training and improvement. Please visit our Career Opportunities page if you are interested in applying for a position in the company.