Maintenance and Service

Cold Curve Refrigeration believes that product performance and life cycle matter and has made this a cornerstone of the company’s value system.

Businesses, people and their reputations depend on reliable equipment. From supermarket display cases, refrigeration systems that prevent food spoilage and maintain quality presentation, to reliable multiplex plants are examples of how we built our reputation on delivering efficient, effective and reliable solutions.

Cold Curve Refrigeration manages trained and qualified technicians that are experienced in taking care of your equipment support needs.


Cold Curve Refrigeration will customize a preventative maintenance programme to suit your specific requirements and budget.

Some examples of available options are:

  • fully comprehensive maintenance - including parts, labour and travel;
  • labour and travel only - parts not included;
  • labour, travel and specified sundries.
You can include certain items such as filters, oil, cleaning materials etc., and exclude other components such as gas and compressors.

All the above plans are available for fortnightly, quarterly, bi-monthly and annual service cycles.


Emergency callout services are available to all clients on a contract basis. We will assist you in customising the contract to balance costs with your particular reaction time requirements, after-hour support needs and equipment inclusion and exclusions.

We offer these services by our own dedicated on-call Service Division which provides:

Service technicians on callout status are available 24/7/365 via the standby emergency number.

All vehicles are monitored by our GSM satellite-linked system to allow our Service Department know the exact location of each vehicle at all times, thereby ensuring rapid response.

We offer monitoring alarm systems which also provide us with limited remote control access to allow for full minor temperature adjustments of refrigeration systems through the Internet. This monitoring will record and alarm up to every 15 minutes to ensure minimal downtime. This facility allows us or the client to refer back to the history of selected refrigerated cabinets/rooms in order to establish the temperature behaviour of the systems concerned.

We also carry extensive stocks of equipment in our warehouse and have a Stores Department for all spare parts.

Service contracts are available for business hours as well as 24/7/365 options.