Cold Curve Refrigeration specialises in the supply and installation of refrigeration equipment to all types of supermarkets. Our client base includes most of the major national supermarkets.

We install and maintain front of house units such as refrigerated display cabinets and glass front cold rooms, as well as a variety of simplex and multiplex refrigeration plants.

In line with the demand for fresh products with maximum shelf life and with specific attention to maintaining the “Cold Chain”, the installation of drop temperature systems to butchery and fruit and vegetable preparation areas greatly improves the shelf life of these products.

With the specific objective of accommodating our clients’ needs for use of eco-friendly materials, equipment and procedures, we have developed a wide range of options to make these choices easier and more affordable. Energy-saving objectives have recently become crucial in equipment choice because of environmental and cost considerations. Cold Curve Refrigeration has dedicated its engineering processes to embrace this important trend.

We have a wide range of emergency breakdown and maintenance options available to suit your requirements and budget. Please see our maintenance section to find out more.

Our sister company “Optimal Air” will take care of supply and maintenance of your supermarket air-conditioning equipment.